Calamari and Spilled Ink

Spilled Ink is a small tranquil universe only just born. It is new but it is ambitious and expanding quickly. Here we explore the masterful art of storytelling through books, movies, games, and television as well as original works of our own. One star, One planet, one galaxy at a time we’re building an interconnected universe where we can have fun, but most of all we can have some peace and enjoy what creativity and imagination have to offer us. We hope you join us on this journey!

Introducing your site host and guide to various universes of Spilled Ink! Don’t worry! They’re here to help!

This is Calamari — pun intended — but you might know them best as the Well-Read Squid. They’ve gone through quite a few evolutions to reach this form, but we can honestly say this is the closest to their true self. They are the archivist and guide of Spilled Ink. They curate all of the stories of this site and act as a mysterious and powerful guardian of this space. Very solitary and highly intelligent, they often can be found in the library reading, but will always make themselves available to those who find themselves lost.