The Story So Far – a New Chapter

So to start, you guys all know how hard I’ve always worked to make Spilled Ink appeal to everyone. Offering a little of everything to attract, I suppose, a broad audience. Well, by doing so I’ve misstepped. I’ve made too much work for myself and stagnated my creativity. It’s been fun to experiment with all these different ideas, but they have proven a bit too much for me to handle alone. I also realize it might’ve been too much for my readers as well. So, I found an excellent singular way to handle it. It’s time for Spilled Ink to evolve.

You see, by trying to do a little of everything, I lost a form that worked quite well and turned my creations into just stressful content milestones, which is something I never meant to do. It’s not fair to me and it’s not fair to the people who want to experience what I do to commodify such things as the beautiful worlds that I have created. Well now! I’m going to follow my instincts completely, even if I become a very niche creator. Honestly, that will be for the best if that happens. I will be fully me and fully what I want, not what I think others might want!

The theme is Peace and Simplicity. A return to form. I will be bringing dark but beautiful and peaceful aesthetics with a nice cartoony twist. It will be a better reflection of myself as an artist and writer as I evolve as well. Navigational changes have been made to simplify your experience here! There has been some downsized on content so that I can focus on one project at a time and everyone can fully engage. Best of all, I’ll be blogging again. I missed having strange and sometimes philosophical thoughts and sharing them.

I hope you guys can follow my journey into Peace and Simplicity. I hope I can give you all the stories and tranquility to enjoy in our shared universe. So keep an eye out for changes and let me introduce you to your new, fully evolved host: Calamari the Well Read Squid. We’ll see you guys soon!


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