The Story So Far – A Year In Review

Many things have come from this site and we are still learning how to get them out to you. But here’s a wonderful summary of some of the wonderful things you might’ve missed since our launch!!!

(Each banner will be clickable. Do enjoy!)

Three fascinating introductions to the Clairvoyants of Indigo Inc. were published for the Month of October and are waiting for your to dive into a dark and terrifying world in which our psychics are just trying to get by! Join them and let them take you down a deep rabbit hole even they weren’t ready for.

Here’s a preview of the beautiful art for this Femme Fatale Mousette and her crime-solving business coming in January!

Beautiful start. She will get a private gallery in January to accompany her wonderful mysteries and investigations! We can’t wait for you to step into her office and go along for the ride in January 2022!

The slow seduction of Dante Milan into a world of money, power, and supernatural entities that want more than just his soul. Come follow Dante’s fall into the darkness at the hands of a mysterious billionaire named Vincent De Pazzi and his far too secretive business.

Note: The continuing chapters will be posted as blog posts from now on so keep a lookout for alerts!

Sweater Weather Series. A series of sexy December art for those snuggled hedonists out there. You know who you are! These Prints are available for sale in our shop so feel free to pick them up by clicking on the images to take the plunge

Finally, the creme de la creme!!!

We begin Ayida’s spiral into madness as she faces down a small town and a child-eating monster that threatens her life and her sanity!

It was a great start for Spilled Ink. So many strong things from Hedonist’s Boudoir to Well-Read’s Corner! We’re happy to welcome you to the start of a new year with even more on the horizon and plenty of worlds to explore with us. Thank you to those who have supported us in making this happen — Patrons especially — and we hope you return for the spoils of 2022!

To all our new explorers, please click around! Traverse. We promise there’s something for everyone here. And if you end up liking it. Consider supporting us on Patreon and joining the Shoal Squad in expanding our shared universe!

Thank you so much for making 2021 the best it could be! Let’s make it even bigger and better in 2022!!! See you there and Happy New Year’s Eve!!!!


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