The Story Begins…

You’ve stepped into the culmination of will power, a few sacrificial rituals, and the endless support of so many shared universes allowing the birth of this one.

Formally, known as the Cerebral Hedonist, we’ve kept the ideals of that platform and grew it into bright and colorful world of Spilled Ink – TCH. Thanks to this change, we’ve been able to implement all the ideas and aesthetics we’d struggled to accomplish with our previous iterations. With Spilled Ink, you will find stories to lose yourself in, thought provoking ruminations on the world, and, best of all, so much glowing art!!! There will be so much to share and so much to indulge in with this evolved universe and we can’t wait to share it.


With so many nebulas, galaxies, and systems in this leveled up expanse, our beloved Harli became exhausted. Thus in the clamor to curate itself, three wonderful hosts were born.

Meet the #ShoalSquad!

Well-Read the Scholarly Squid – No one actually knows if they have a name or not and they prefer it that way. They focus on all forms of things in literature and storytelling creating an entire analytical world for themselves. As a host on this site, they will be providing you with in-depth discussions about the structures of their favorite forms of media! It’s easy to find them really. A severe workaholic, if they’re not hunched over the computer, book, or research, they’re vegged out in the corner. Somehow they still manage to make decisions! Though they are the defacto leader they rarely have much to say. So when they speak, it’s good to listen. Check out Well-Read’s corner and let them learn you a thing or two!

Jezebel the Cosmic Squid – There is never any telling of this pop DJ’s history. Some say she rose from the sea one night when she heard a radio show. Others say she came down from the sky to people into the eeriest parts of the fanciful. Either way, she is the diva of the group and very much about sparkling as bright as she can. However, her interests lay in the dark fantastical. The parts of stories and media that people are afraid to explore. She’s in it for Thrills and Chills and will find it even in your most beloved stories. Our friendly neighborhood DJ Jezebel is an eldritch glam rock goddess with a body count higher than crusades and twice as vicious. And she is very much not afraid to ruin your childhood on a pop beat! Take a peek in to Cosmic’s Studios get the full experience with some bitchin’ tunes.

Ashmodai the Hedonistic Squid – Private yet polite, Ashmodai is the classiest demon you will ever meet. He is not interested in the chaos and anarchy of the world, but rather the exploration of dark desires. He has no issue representing that particular itch you didn’t know you had nor with scratching it for you. After all, his idea of a good time is absorbing all of the dark and erotic media he can while enjoying the finer things of life.

Step into Hedonist’s Boudoir! Most of his little trysts are by appointment only, but don’t worry, he always has time for you.

These wonderful tentacled creatures will do their best to guide you and expand this universe! However, take care with them. They’re still unknowable eldritch creatures with very little regard for mortals. Don’t become a nuisance to them.

We also bid you to enter our creative worlds as well in “Stories” where you can immerse yourself in beautifully crafted a darkly imaginitive corners of this our greatest undertaking!

With that, we at Spilled Ink invite you to explore all our various creations from meditations on existing worlds, to stories directly from our own! Whether it be your eyes, your ears, or your mind, once we ensnare you, you’ll want to be a part of this wonderful little universe as well!


Enjoy your stay!

Don’t get lost…

– Harli –


2 thoughts on “The Story Begins…

  1. Loved it!
    Lmao not bitchin tunes. Of the 3, I’ve been least interested in Jezebel, but this origin story won me over.
    My squsband (squid husband) better have time for me! 😤

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